Announcements are posted primarily in the class Drive Folder for each lecture day.

Start of the semester!

Welcome to CS 3140

Hi everyone! Welcome to CS 3140! The current draft of the Syllabus can be found here:

All information on the website is not finalized. Please allow us time to finalize the course policies before we begin the term. All course policies should be finalized by the first day of class.

What to do before the first day of class

  • Go to Canvas to see all the website links.
    • Course Website
    • Course Online Textbook
    • Course Drive Folder
    • Piazza
  • Ensure you know where the class is meeting (Nau Hall 101)
  • Check to ensure you are familiar with the Java Prequisite Knowledge
    • If you find you are not familiar with much of the content on this page, you may not be ready for CS 3140, and should review it.